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Jigsaw Puzzle Machine HR-1218SA

Jigsaw Puzzle Machine HR-1218SA

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Part Number:HR-1218SA
HR-1218SA is a semi-atomatic version of the HR-1218 Jigsaw puzzle machine.

The HR-1218SA improves on the proven and simple tasks of mounting an image, placing it on the die, press the foot pedal and out comes a high quality puzzle but, automates the die advance moving through the press rollers and automatically stops at the completion of the cutting process. 
Product Features:
  • External Dimension: 480 x 1090 x 320.
  • Working Voltage: 50/60Hz, 10 AMP, 220V.
  • Weight: 67Kg.

*Enquire about this product now on 020 8368 7000.

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